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Epi. 6 Waking The Red Weekly–MLS Returns Preview (Canada Edition)

Canada FC’s Aron Papernick joins Mitchell Tierney, Jeffrey P. Nesker, and Michael Singh to discuss the Reds, MLS is Back, and the Canadian Premier League.

Waking The Red Weekly, our weekly live show in which we break down everything #TFCLive.
(Photo: Sean Pollock/Graphic: Jeffrey P. Nesker)


We’re breaking down everything #TFCLive at the MLS is Back Tournament as hosts Mitchell Tierney, Jeffrey P. Nesker and Michael Singh are joined by Canada FC’s Aron Papernick. We’ll discuss everything from #TFCLive, #CanPL, and of course, the #MLSisBack Tournament!

The logistics are simple if you want to get involved and ask questions: take one minute to register quickly online for free and get a zoom link to attend. The show kicks off at 12:00p.m. EST. As before, the show will be simultaneously live streamed on the Footy Talks Facebook page. The live chat will be active on both platforms.

A stream will also be embedded at the bottom of this article when we go live. We’re getting down to the nitty and gritty of things, so don’t be afraid to chime in and ask questions.

Upon conclusion, a replay will also be embedded below.

Waking The Red Weekly presented by Footy Talks! MLS is BACK! Let’s discuss a crazy week of TFC footy.

(Reminder, if the video isn’t showing up right away, refresh the page at 12:03 p.m. EST and look for it below!)

Waking The Red Weekly is LIVE

Waking The Red Weekly is LIVE

Posted by Footy Talks on Tuesday, August 18, 2020