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Greg Vanney confirms that TFC II may loan players to CanPL, USL, overseas

After withdrawing from their 2020 season, TFC II players will likely need a new home for the upcoming year making the Canadian Premier League an intriguing destination.

Toronto FC II

Toronto FC Head Coach Greg Vanney confirmed on July 14 that the club is looking to send out Toronto FC II players out on loan after The Young Reds were forced to withdraw from the 2020 USL League One season.

TFC II withdrew from the season earlier this month due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, citing “public health restrictions,” likely referring to the logistical issues relating to regularly crossing the border with the United States.

Without a season to play in for 2020, Toronto FC II players will need to move elsewhere to find playing time, and as Vanney says, may be loaned to other USL teams, clubs overseas, or the Canadian Premier League.

The Canadian Premier League should be an ideal location for TFC II players. One of the main benefits of playing in the CPL in 2020 is the lack of international travel. All of the USL or overseas clubs that TFC II players might go to are in the United States and beyond. For safety reasons, as well as the potential hurdles in getting a visa to play.

The CPL is also a league where Canadians under the age of 21 know they’ll get minutes. The league requires every team to play U21 Canadians for at least 1,000 combined minutes per club. Teams looking to find players to eat up those minutes should certainly be considering talent from TFC II.

Some CPL teams have been struggling to get international players into Canada, with York9 FC, for example, being forced to release one of their new signings, Adrian Ugarizza. With some clubs needing to fill out their roster, loans for young, domestic talent is a great way to add to your squad.

After the announcement I listed several Toronto FC II players who are strong candidates to be loaned to the Canadian Premier League, although since then some CPL clubs have made additions to their rosters. You can check that article out here.

The CPL are yet to officially announce their plan for a return to play, but according to OneSoccer’s Oliver Platt, we are getting closer to that decision being made.