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‘Quiet Now’—Get your Jozy Altidore t-shirt today!

Jozy silencing the Montreal Impact faithful? Too good not to make into a t-shirt.

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TORONTO, Canada—We told you that it was iconic.

Thanks to our partners at BreakingT, we’ve designed a t-shirt to commemorate Jozy Altidore’s 89th-minute game-winner against the Montreal Impact, silencing those in the stands at the Stade Saputo.

While Altidore’s finish wasn’t the prettiest, his celebration stole the headlines all around the league, telling the (very few) Impact faithful in attendance to “Be Quiet Now!”

A moment like that—definitely worthy of its own t-shirt.

Hey, it may even make a great gift if you know any Montreal Impact supporters!

T-shirts are available here ** while supplies last.