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6ix on a Wave: The Rain

A celebration of good results and bad weather.

Before we get started on this week’s word dump, a shout out to the fine folks at Northern Tribune, who put out a great interview with recently sacked Whitecaps gaffer Marc Dos Santos that is required reading. It’s a hell of a read, and mad insightful, too. You should definitely give it five minutes of your lives.

Next on the docket is my contractual obligation to do a post-script on Tuesday’s Waking The Red Weekly, wherein we were graced with the presence of one of our favourite regular guests, the esteemed John Molinaro of TFC Republic.

For John’s thoughts on the episode, head on over to TFC Republic for his own wrap-up.

As always, John came by talk all things Toronto FC, like this insane Andrea Pirlo Rumour.

It was a mild surprise that Jmo, a confessed Juventus Superfan, would be so aghast at the idea. But, in the final analysis, not really, as he had a court-side seat to the disaster that was his time as Gaffer in Turin.

John also agreed with our take that over the last run of games, the marquee player at TFC has been none other than the Prince of Donair and takeaway coffee himself, Jacob Shaffelberg.

We also had to concede a point to Michael Singh. Of the three of us, he was the only one that never even entertained the idea that Toronto FC were going to lose to York United in the monsoon last weds. night. While the rest of us were doing backflips about the “soul” of the organization, Mike never faltered. Take a bow, MS, you’ve earned it.

But let’s extend the love to 3.649 die-hards that joined my wife and I in the stands, trying to stay afloat in a proper Scottish Rain, as in it hit sideways and wearing a mask was a very close approximation of water-boarding yourself.

It was something.

There were LOTS and LOTS of fan-made phone videos on the night that I misremembered bookmarking - so it took me awhile to even find this example (I will one day get better at bookmarking, I hope,)

If you were there, what will you most remember? Does it beat CCL vs Colorado in February, 2018? Where does it rank in your personal all-time bad weather games you’ve attended?

Off to the comments!

THIS WEEK’S PLAYLIST: all about the Rain.