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6ix on a Wave: Going Places

Both squads of Red are moving, but is it up? Down? Sideways?

We had ourselves a time on this week’s episode of Waking The Red Weekly, celebrating Toronto FC’s best week in ages, while also looking ahead to this international break with the esteemed Peter Galindo, a venerable fount of CanSoc knowledge.

Of course, we asked him about the recent decision to stage the next round of home games in Edmonton. His response was interesting.

It’s a gamble - there’s no other way around it - and one we all hope pays off. Playing in November at BMO isn’t the answer, BTW, despite the proper surface, it’s still going to be too cold, but, if it was down to BC Place vs Commonwealth — both turf, but one covered — I think I know where my vote goes. My worry is that THIS CANMNT doesn’t need to rest their laurels on advantages OUTSIDE of the talent we possess, but you don’t know if you don’t try AND these potential 2026 World Cup venues DO need a test run, so ...

I hope we don’t end ruing missed points because we got distracted by the task at hand, qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, with trying to cram too many other factors in.

To say nothing about the fact that we are going into this window with a depleted squad. The injury bug has hit (Cyle Larin/David Wotherspoon/Atiba Hutchinson/Lucas Cavalini), there are actual Covid concerns (Milan Borjan) and international travel restrictions (Junior Hoilett). The depth we have celebrated is surely going to be put to the test. Good thing Jonathan David is hitting form at Lille at the perfect time:

We’re going to need JDave to be at full clip, because this window is TOUGH. Away at Jamaica, Home v. Panama, and, of course, a trip to the Azteca to take on the Mexican Men’s National Team. I had some thoughts on that tie.

I think Swagger is important, and Canada is coming into this game with a chip on their shoulder and all the confidence. I expect to surprise Mexico. Hopefully for the full 90’.

Plus, Canada has called up Jacob Shaffelberg, who is having himself a time with TFC.

While WTR’s own Tej Sahota argues that this break may in fact be bad news for Shaffelgod, I prefer to walk on the sunny side of the street. We’ve all seen the effect a few weeks with John Herdman and the boys can do, there is no reason to suspect that sweet baby Jacob won’t return to his club with a whole new bag of tricks.

And seeing as he’s unlocked the potential in the most divisive TFC singing in a good long while, I say we choose to be excited by the knock on effect this window will have on the standout young player for our beloved Reds. He’s roundabout forced me to wave my hand and applaud the player.

Let’s wrap this up here with the same question we opened up our chat with Peter.

What’s a successful window for the CANMNT look like to you? 3 wins? 2 wins and a draw? How many points?

To the comments with thee!!


Is about “Going Places”