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PODCAST: Epi. 71—Waking the Red Weekly-Toronto FC offseason roster breakdown

Episode 71 – Live on Tuesday at 12:15 pm ET!

TORONTO, Canada—Welcome back to another edition of the live Waking the Red Weekly podcast presented by Footy Talks Live!

On this week’s episode, we’re chatting Bob Bradley, end-of-season press conferences, break down Toronto FC’s roster — who stays and who goes — and tee up the Canadian Premier League Final this upcoming weekend.

Show overview:

  • Bob Bradley is at the wheel
  • What else we learned at the season-ending press conference
  • Toronto FC full roster breakdown
  • Canadian Premier League final
  • Canada vs the USA is coming to Hamilton
  • Canada-Mexico women
  • Phil Balke leaving Toronto FC
  • Justin Morrow named 2021 MLS Humanitarian of the Year

You can watch the live show on the Waking the Red Facebook page, Twitter Periscope, and YouTube channel. Come ready to ask questions as we’ll try and get to as many as we can on this week’s show!

Afterwards, the show will be made available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever else you get your podcast fix. If you enjoy, please like, rate, and subscribe!