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PODCAST: Epi 30: Waking The Red Weekly—‘CBA means we PLAY!’

It’s been a wild week in #TFCLive, so buckle up and come along for the ride as hosts Mitchell Tierney, Jeffrey P. Nesker, and Michael Singh break down all the latest Canada Soccer and Toronto FC news and rumblings.

TORONTO, Canada—Welcome back to another edition of WTR Weekly x Footy Talks Live!

On this week’s episode, the boys—Michael Singh, Mitchell Tierney, and Jeffrey P. Nesker will break down what has been a busy week in Canada Soccer, including the new MLS CBA, Pozuelo to Saudi transfer rumours, Jonathan David’s fine form, and much, much more.

Plus the crew will be joined by special guest Oliver Platt of OneSoccer!

The logistics are simple. The live video will be embedded ABOVE shortly after going on air. I’d recommend refreshing the page at approximately 12:18 p.m. EST. Come prepared to chime in in the comments as you can join us live on Facebook and on our Twitter periscope.

Feel free to ask questions, comments, and come ready for an hour-long episode of non-stop footy banter. As usual, afterwards, the show will be made available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts etc.

Waking The Red Weekly presented by Footy Talks! Let’s discuss a crazy week of TFC footy.