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Taylor Twellman responds to Jozy Altidore comments; Altidore fires back

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Round 2! Fight!

Toronto FC v New York City FC (Black/Corbis/Getty Images)

TORONTO, Canada—The Jozy Altidore-Taylor Twellman saga continues.

After comments from Twellman on Wednesday sparked a vibrant response from Altidore, the ESPN broadcaster chimed in on the matter.

“No matter what we do on the field, it’s what we do off the field that is most important as athletes,” tweeted Twellman on Thursday. “What Jozy Altidore is doing with his JAFoundation especially in Haiti is changing lives. Join me in supporting his cause.

Unfortunately for Twellman, his good-will gesture wasn’t received with open arms by Altidore.

“Your money can’t fix this “big, strong, powerful” issue,” replied Altidore. “Acknowledge it and be better. I don’t want nor need your charity.”

On Wednesday, Altidore did not hold back his feelings about the former US International.

After comments from Twellman about the U.S. men’s U23 national team, where he called their Olympic Qualifying campaign ‘pathetic and laughable,’ sparked some outcry over social media, Altidore decided he would chime in on the coversation... and did he ever.

“Taylor Twellman national team career was laughable,” tweeted Altidore. “Beasley should be an analyst or a Mia Hamm. Twellman need to be on extra time radio with Bobby Warshaw. He a white boy with connects. Stop giving him a platform.”

“People like Twellman telling millions that I’m this I’m that. Didn’t live up to this or that,” Altidore continued. “I’m a hero Taylor to young Black kings that want to play soccer. Kids in Haiti and Caribbean. You don’t define success for me. You weren’t half of me. No more free takes.”

When a user rebutted by stating that Twellman was only going at Altidore from a pure soccer standpoint, Altidore responded:

“That’s fine. My problem is this. I’m not Messi or the best to ever do it. For USA or anyone. But I’m sure as hell not a failure! I thrived in a game where it’s hard for kids that look like me thrive in the US. We don’t promote the positive side. Only negative.”

For what it’s worth, Bobby Warshaw—who Altidore slighted in his initial tweet—also chimed in on the matter:

“Big fan of Jozy and athletes speaking their minds,” tweeted Warshaw. “Sports and society are better for it.”