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Waking the Red announces partnership with the TFC BIPOC Fan Coalition

An important step in making the Toronto FC and Canada Soccer community a welcoming place for all.

Waking the Red x TFC BIPOC Fan Coalition | ‘Love Football Hate Racism’ logo originally designed by Annie Hart of U-Sector with inspiration from Scotty Oxenham. Thank you, Annie!

TORONTO, Canada—Waking the Red is delighted to share that we will be teaming up with the Toronto FC BIPOC Fan Coalition ahead of the 2021 Major League Soccer season. The partnership will aim to build a diverse landscape and promote voices of minorities within the Toronto FC community.

“We are ecstatic to be working alongside the TFC BIPOC Fan Coalition ahead of what should be an exciting 2021 Major League Soccer campaign,” said Waking the Red Managing Editor Michael Singh. “We’d like to thank Mike Newell and the rest of the TFC BIPOC Fan Coalition for the work they put in to get this partnership going, and we’re humbled to be teaming up with such a great group of people.

“We believe this is an important step in making the Toronto FC and Canada Soccer community a welcoming place for all as we continue to collectively strive to address issues relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Beginning Friday, April 16, readers will be able to find the work of members of the TFC BIPOC Fan Coalition on the Waking the Red home page and social channels. Whether it be articles, podcasts, or updates pertaining to the Coalition itself, readers can now find all of their content in one place:

“We’re proud to be partnering with Waking the Red to help provide a platform to amplify racialized voices in the TFC/Canadian Soccer world,” said the TFC BIPOC Fan Coalition. “We thank Jeff, Michael, Mitchell and everyone at WTR for proactively reaching out. We are excited to engage in a dialogue not only about Toronto FC, but also about ending systemic racism in the game and society at large.”

Founded in 2020, the TFC BIPOC Fan Coalition is the “bridge” between fans, allies and the Toronto FC Head Office. The Coalition aims to combat systemic racism in all forms and looks to provide a platform for racialized people to discuss and share their passion for TFC and soccer in Canada.

Goals include:

  • Making BMO Field a safe space for all people regardless of how they self-identify.
  • Updating current TFC fan code of conduct with an anti-racist/sexist and LGBTQ2s+ lens.
  • Creating and supporting inclusive initiatives in the TFC fan community.

For more information or if you want to join or help, reach out on Twitter: @tfcbipocfans