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WATCH | Waking the Red Weekly Post-Game Show: Epi 1—@ CF Montreal

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Toronto FC @ CF Montreal - April 17, 2021

TORONTO, Canada—Welcome to the episode one of the Waking the Red Weekly Post-Game Show presented by Footy Talks.

Live approximately 30 minutes after final whistle, hosts Mitchell Tierney, Michael Singh, and Jeffrey P. Nesker will break down today’s match between Toronto FC and CF Montreal. We’ll chat starting XI, injuries, dive into the goals (hopefully), and any other talking points from Saturday’s match.

The episode will be streamed live above, as well as on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you have any questions, comments, please come ready to chime in as the crew will try and get to as many as possible while also discussing all of the storylines that come about from the match.

This is our first show, so please take it easy on us ;), but we’re looking forward to building on this pilot episode moving forward.

Afterwards, the show will be made available on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever else you get your podcast fix. If you enjoy, kindly like, rate, and subscribe.