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Toronto FC completes trade with FC Dallas for allocation money

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The Reds have made a trade!

(Toronto FC/Twitter)

TORONTO, Canada—Toronto FC announced today that the club has acquired $225,000 in General Allocation Money (GAM)—or in other words salary cap space—from FC Dallas in exchange for an international roster spot.

The move not only gives the Reds some much needed salary budget space to add to their roster, but also further signifies their intent to invest in homegrown talent.

“One of the reasons we’ve opted not to bring in a lot of new players is because we actually have a lot of faith in our young players and we think some of them are going to have breakouts,” Toronto FC President Bill Manning told the Waking the Red Weekly podcast on March 22. “So rather than going out like we’ve done in the past and getting an MLS experienced player or even an international, we’re going to be looking to Jayden (Nelson), and Ralph (Priso), and Noble (Okello), and Julian (Dunn) and these guys to step in because now is the time.”

Toronto FC have five players on their roster that count as an international player—Chris Mavinga, Auro Jr., Erickson Gallardo, Tsubasa Endoh, and Alejandro Pozuelo—while fielding 12 homegrown players, which should be near the top of the league in that regard. Endoh, meanwhile, is close to losing that international player status and gaining a permanent residency status, which will in turn classify him as a domestic player.

How will Toronto FC turnaround and use the GAM? Perhaps it’ll be towards bringing in a third designated player earlier than the summer? Well, only time will tell, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction for a team tight up against the salary cap.