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Christine Sinclair leaves Canada match vs. Wales with apparent injury

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It did not look pretty ... but there’s hope.

Canada’s striker Christine Sinclair writhes in pain after sustaining an injury

TORONTO, Canada—The Canadian women’s national team sustained a significant blow Friday afternoon during their friendly with Wales, as all-time leading scorer Christine Sinclair was forced to leave the match after sustaining what appeared to be a very painful leg injury.

In the 30th minute, Sinclair slid in for a tackle, but came up worse for ware. She was seen grimacing in pain as medical help was immediately called for the 37-year-old striker.

The trainer immediately called for the sub as Sinclair had her hands over her face in obvious discomfort, however, to everyone’s surprise, she was able to leave the pitch on her own.

With her shoe off, Sinclair hobbled off in the 33rd minute and was replaced by Evelyne Viens. The game was Sinclair’s first match for Canada in over a year after she missed the SheBelieves Cup with another injury.

Canada was leading 1-0 at that point, and the game would finish 3-0.

After the match, head coach Bev Priestman provided an update on the status of Sinclair, one that should bring a smile to those who were concerned about the No. 12.