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Toronto FC, MLS drop new 2021 Parley Kits

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Is it “Haute Garbage” or is it hot garbage? / TFC Team Store

Need another sign the world is slowly returning to some kind of normal?

Today, Major League Soccer dropped the 2021 Parley Ocean Plastics jerseys, which, like a great many things, were postponed during 2020.

A quick primer: these jerseys are made from recycled Ocean Plastic (aka garbage), though they never released the actual percentage of reclaimed great pacific garbage patch to bog standard climacool. Every team in the league gets one. In previous seasons (2018/2019), there were equal teams that got a white shirt to teams that got a black/blue shirt, and they wore them across a single weekend of MLS game action, never to be seen again.

As you can probably guess, these babies are a pretty hot commodity. The 2019 Atlanta United sold out in minutes and can fetch a hefty price on the resale market. Here in the YYZ, both the black 2018 and very-dark-almost-imperceptibly-blue 2019 are coveted by those who managed to snag one, and lusted over by those who didn’t.

Not me though, I have my own “White Whale that got away”:

But I digress. Back to the Parleys. To drum up more publicity, looks like MLS and Twitter have partnered up for some kind of promotion.

It’s a word salad, so here’s an embed of TFC’s tweet:

Though it doesn’t say explicitly, I imagine the prize is a free shirt? Though how that works as a “swap” is doing my head in - for sure reading the rules linked in that tweet later:)

Now let’s get to the good stuff, the Toronto FC 2021 Parley PRIMEBLUE jersey:

In a stunning twist, TFC gets the lighter variant this go-round AND IT’S NOT A BORING WHITE T-SHIRT MADE OUT OF GARBAGE. There’s actual detail in the vaguely-paisley print. While the cut and trim is almost a direct copy of this year’s training top, but those are great. So no complaints, beyond it’s getting easy to spot when Adidas is getting a bit lazy.

For me, the baby blue sponsor, badge, and adidas crest are where the magic happens. I also love that blue/grey shade on the shoulders.

My knee-jerk rating? A solid B+

TL;DR - I’m not rushing to the team store to cop one and I’m hoping I don’t regret it later.

(Edit - My wife couldn’t resist once she found out they were available in Women’s sizing. So we will indeed own one between us. Are you listening MLS? Women’s sizing matters.)

I certainly prefer it to the darker alternates:

What do YOU think? Yay or Nay? Cop or Drop? Let us know in the comments, and if you simply have to have it, yesterday, purchase link is here.