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PODCAST: Epi. 48—Waking the Red Weekly: The Jozy situation, TFC presser, and CanMNT WCQ preview

Ahead of the biggest Canadian men’s national team match in years, the WTR weekly crew set the stage for what should a special night in ... Chicago, plus the crew dive into some controversial TFC topics.

TORONTO, Canada—Welcome back to another edition of the live Waking the Red Weekly podcast presented by Footy Talks Live!

On this week’s episode, hosts Mitchell Tierney, Michael Singh, and Jeffrey P. Nesker are excited to be joined by fellow Waking the Red writer Anthony Khoury on this week’s episode.

Anthony will help tee-up Tuesday night’s historic match for Canada when they take on Haiti in the second of leg of Round 2 of World Cup Qualifiers, plus after an interesting Toronto FC press conference yesterday, the crew will dive into some tough questions, including the future of Jozy Altidore.

The show will go live at 12:15 ET (streamed above) and you can also tune in on the Waking the Red Facebook page, Twitter Periscope, and YouTube channel. Feel free to chime in and ask questions as the WTR Weekly crew will try and get to as many as we can.

Afterwards, the show will be made available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever else you get your podcast fix. If you enjoy, please like, rate, and subscribe!