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Toronto FC Prediction League | Round 12—Toronto FC v Orlando City SC

Guess today’s final score before the 7:30 pm ET kickoff to enter our prediction and be eligible to win a Toronto FC prize!

Welcome to Round Twelve of Waking The Red Prediction League!! The Dirty Dozen!

Well, we’ve all had some time off. To relax, recuperate, recover. Watch some Euro and Copa action. Enjoy Canada’s entry into the WCQ Octo!

Now back to the things that really matter. WTR Prediction League!

We have quite a battle at the top of the table. Just 3 points separating the Top 4.

Check out the full standings below.

Toronto will host Orlando City SC in their own stadium, because why the hell not? TFC are off to a very Martyn Bailey-esque start to the MLS season. Here’s hoping we can both have a better night tonight and turn things around!

The point system for the 2021 season will be as follows:

  • 2 points for guessing the correct result (Win, Loss, or Draw)
  • 1 point for guessing the amount of Toronto FC goals scored
  • 1 point for guessing the amount of Toronto FC goals conceded

A perfect game prediction will yield a massive 4 points—and there will be a extra points available each match for the bonus question!


Just to keep things interesting. Will either team make a first half substitution?
If you say “yes” to the first half sub, I’ll give you 2 points.

If you say “no” to the first half sub, it’ll be worth 1 point.

Let me know your predictions below!

Come On You Reds!!