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Toronto FC Prediction League | Round 15—Toronto FC @ DC United

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Guess today’s final score before the 5:30 pm ET kickoff to enter our prediction and be eligible to win a Toronto FC prize!

Welcome to Round Fifteen of Waking The Red Prediction League!!

Things are tight at the top of the WTRPL table! A three way tie between 0ntexco, c. beaulieu and some guy named Jeffrey P. Nesker.

I remember a time when the mighty Toronto FC were scoring for fun and JPN was the cheery, positive guy around the WTR offices. But of late, the results haven’t been there for Toronto, and Jeffrey has been betting against his beloved Reds and riding their sorrow all the way to the top of the standings. Shame, Jeffrey. Shame!! Find yourself on the full standings below.

Toronto travel to Washington, DC in search of their second victory of the season. Will they get it? Are you betting against them? Let me know!

The point system for the 2021 season will be as follows:

  • 2 points for guessing the correct result (Win, Loss, or Draw)
  • 1 point for guessing the amount of Toronto FC goals scored
  • 1 point for guessing the amount of Toronto FC goals conceded

A perfect game prediction will yield a massive 4 points—and there will be a extra points available each match for the bonus question!


Going back to the naughty cards this week. Over/under on combined yellow cards is 3.5. A red for either team is an automatic over. What have you got?

Let me know below what your score prediction for tonight will be!

Come On You Reds!!