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6ix On A Wave - Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Kids.

Jeffrey P. Nesker is all-in on the ‘Play The Kids’ movement now that Toronto FC’s season is virtually over.

On yesterday’s chock-a-block episode of Waking The Red Weekly, we managed to log an hour plus worth of content with nary a mention of the team that butters our bread, the “Local Reds”: your Toronto FC.

Was it deliberate? Or is it simply that when measured against what’s about to happen with the “International Reds” (The Canadian Men’s National Team), and the long overdue ascent of the Canadian Premier League into the National Soccer consciousness off the back of a instant classic Voyaguers Cup tie, that the ongoing calamities at BMO Field just aren’t that interesting?

Plus, our special guest, the delightful Alexandre Gangué-Ruzic (you better believe that was a copy-paste to ensure proper accent/spelling), wasn’t really booked to play therapist, he’s got enough ennui over in Whitecaps land of his own!

(And TFC Group Therapy is now the pervue of the FT x WTR Post-Game Twitter Spaces, The Tunnel Club)

For sure the chaos at the Lakeshore has us all burned out - figuratively AND literally (if you happened to be in attendance at any of the games played during the heat wave that very nearly melted the city into a concrete puddle).

But let’s be honest - we can also make a hell of a case that we have MORE than enough to cover without rehashing the same ol’ same ol’. Because, after all:

Toronto FC are in Limbo.

Not just because we won’t see that A41 kit in game action until Mid-September.

Toronto FC are in Limbo.

It’s systemic at this point - there isn’t shouldn’t be a whiff of job security at any level, and there’s a date with destiny quickly approaching in the shape of a CanPL club from York Region, with visions of Cupsets in their heads.

Losing to Pacific cost the Whitecaps their coach. Losing to York United may cost TFC its soul.

So while we wait for the inevitable, the biggest story in TFC land appears to be “Play The Kids”. It’s on everyone’s lips. How much? How little?

I think it’s safe to say that giving the young guns minutes - warts and all - because ‘playing the kids’ means opening the floor to rookie mistakes and all manner of brain-fart - HAS to be the priority for the remainder of the season - even playing without a rudder, as they would be here, without a “real” gaffer, established system, and team goal beyond surviving the next 12 games.

It’s time. This doesn’t have to be a “lost season” if we come away knowing FULL WELL what we have in these kids. No more ink spilled on potential. No more questions. Close the book on this academy class ahead of the major rebuild we know is coming in the off-season.

I’d even suggest that not going this route would be a case of colossal mismanagement in a season replete with such examples.

So, are we in agreement? Are we really ready to sit Pozuelo for Okello? Let me know in the comments!!



Is all about the Children’s. You can’t grow the game in Canada without the Children’s.