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6ix on a Wave: Come Back Home

There are a million reasons to say no, but a million and one reasons to do the damn thing.

It’s been a doozy of a year, and not much has gone right for our beloved Reds. The 2021 MLS campaign is virtually over for Toronto FC, but tonight, we embrace a rainy date with destiny as we face off against CPL side York United in a one-and-done Voyaguers Cup Tie, the importance of which cannot be overstated.

York United exists in a limbo of their own design, caught in the gravity of the big bad downtown club, fighting to establish some/any kind of identity.

Dunny didn’t mean to, but he posted pictures of the exact same passionate fans that support both TFC and YU as separate entities, and did better to illustrate this overlap than I could ever hope to.

These clubs are fighting over the same zeitgeist, and, dare I even think this, let alone type it out to be forever preserved in the amber of an unforgiving internet, a win over TFC tonight won’t just define York’s season, but perhaps the club’s entire existence.

Yeah, it’s a massive, massive, game. And while Michael Singh is positive it will be a cakewalk for the Reds, I’m not nearly as confident. This season sucks.

So, it was a particularly fabulous treat to have former mayor of Toronto David Miller on the show yesterday to give some insight on just where TFC sit in the wider mosaic of the club’s history, or, at least that was the plan.

We mostly talked about the rumours around the return of the prodigal son, Sebastian Giovinco.

Indeed, how could we not welcome him back? There’s unfinished business on both sides. MLSE has buckets of cash, and even if it’s empty fan service from a front office that has lost the plot, we are fans in need of servicing.

I’ll be the first to admit I wrote the Atomic Ant off after he left in a huff; it was the only way to protect my ego after he threw barbs and tossed elbows on his way to Saudi Arabia.

And while I’m cautious about just what effect he will have on the pitch in 2021, I’m happy to welcome an older, wiser, less productive Seba back, if only to fix the narrative and have our talisman retire as a Red, as it should be.

What do we think? No Seba, No Party?

Alas! To the Comments!



We. Want. Seba.

Bring. Him. Home.