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Toronto FC release 2022/23 Community Away Kit

It’s got some Onyx in it ...

After a long and protracted kit-drop drama that saw heroes on both sides, it’s finally here - The 2022/23 Toronto FC away stripe from Adidas, dubbed the “Community Jersey”

Like the Unity Kit it replaces, the kit is primarily grey. That’s pretty much where the similarities end, though. Unlike the outgoing kit, there is no trace of any TFC red beyond the badge, the accent colour is, wait for it, ONYX. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Tailor-wise, this is a bog-standard crew-neck Adidas kit, with the famous 3-stripes lining the shoulders like they do on 99% of the kits they produce. Interestingly, the kit is a quasi Harlequin design, split in half along the center chest into two solid bands, one white, the other grey. Check it out in more detail on this years model, Alejandro Pozuelo.

So, I know you are all champing at the bit for my take. Here it is. I dig it. While the general consensus across #TFCLive is one of abject disappointment (you are NEVER getting that purple Barney Kit, gang), I love how insane this design is, with bonus points for the lack of any TFC red anywhere on the kit, aside from the badge.

Our club have never done a half and half kit, and what better season to try one out than this sure to be half and half campaign?

I give it a solid B+, and reserve the right to change my grade to an A because I suspect this one is a grower.

Speaking of grades, you know I had to send Mark Hinkley, my partner in MLS kit ratings for 3 years going now, a panicked DM, during an ARSENAL GAME, no less, for his take:

“I appreciate the simplicity of a half and half where it one half isn’t “slightly lighter” than the other. That dark grey trends more to black. Anyways, I like that the sleeves alternate colour, the black ringer collar and cuffs, black numbers and marking. Not everything needs to be art, and simple doesn’t mean lame. I’d take this over most of the releases.

It’s a B+ for me.

So there you have it, double B+ on knee-jerk. What do you think of the new kit? Let us know in the comments.

You can pre-order the new kit here.