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2022 Toronto FC Members’ Package is Finally Here!

A whole slate of home games at BMO Field, with a crowd. A scarf that lets us wear this club and city on our shoulders.

A neat scarf and a clear bag.
Dylan Flanagan


The 2022 TFC Season Seat Holder package scarf has finally arrived in members’ mailboxes, on the eve of the club’s season opener away to FC Dallas.

At time of writing (11:30 AM) I haven’t gotten mine in yet: it snowed today, I’m in suburbia, &c. I also suspect #TheCircumstances, supply chain issues, the move to digital-only tickets and other hurdles. Also hey it’s still February. Admittedly this is my first time getting season tickets, so I don’t have a frame of reference to contrast with.

Thankfully, a fellow south end supporter was kind enough to let us use the photo he posted on the Red Patch FB group and sent WTR more photos for this article.

Fun, but a tad generic
Dylan Flanagan

Going by these photos, what do we make of the new SSH package? We get a box with a fairly generic photo on one side and a nice, heartfelt message on the back. We also get a clear bag: the only kind of bag allowed at BMO, btw. The main attraction is the scarf, so I’ll focus on that.

Here’s the main event!
Dylan Flanagan

The scarf looks like a primary black/grey (or dare I claim that it’s…onyx?) (‘Light Onyx’ - Ed.) side featuring the standard geometric set of TFC icons, and a secondary red side with the classic “All For One” in white. The grey fringes are a nice touch.

I can’t quite tell from the photo, but the material looks soft but not terribly thick. Somewhere in between “cheap” and “cozy.”

I don’t mind the use of both a red side and a black/grey side. The reversible nature of it almost makes for two different scarves, a more diverse design, in contrast with some previous seasons’ offerings.

That being said, the red side could have had a bit more design to it - maybe another icon or a maple leaf on the ends? Something to jazz it up while maintaining the minimalist feel, like the “T” on the end of that “Come On You Reds” scarf that was ubiquitous a few years ago.

The simplified forms of the icons have always had a healthy mix of “cool” and “playful”: I can see the black/grey/onyx side appealing to both adults and kids. The simplified design and the use of colour mirroring lend a bit of sophistication, while the size and angle of the images make them more fun.

The icons themselves are a centrepiece of the club’s wider brand goal of connecting with Toronto’s neighbourhoods and identities. We can finally wear all these symbols in a prominent spot, a physical expression of the way supporters and members carry the team and city on our shoulders in the stands at BMO, at pubs and wherever we watch our club, especially over the last two years. It’s another happy reminder that we just might have a whole season of home games, at BMO Field, with a crowd, to look forward to.

On that note: is the two-band structure of the black and grey bands meant to echo the new Community Away kit? Finally, the heather pattern on the bottom grey band is a nice reward for the close-up view.

I might quibble that the colours themselves are a bit drab, and the eagle has always come a little too close to DC United’s logo. This primary side might seem a tad busy in the photo, but when I get my scarf in, I expect to enjoy the overall effect of the pattern across the whole cloth. And connotations of another MLS team notwithstanding, I could really see the club using this version of the eagle logo more often, maybe with some red thrown in there. The overall reference to Toronto FC is strong.

All in all, I’m glad they put some effort into putting together a neat, playful design, at least on the main side. Now here’s to Adidas and co. putting the same amount of design effort into their jerseys…

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.