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LIVE at 3:30 pm ET: Epi. 3—Toronto ‘Til I Die | Trust the Process...

New look, same show. The Waking The Red Weekly boys are back!

TORONTO, Canada—Welcome back to another edition of the live Waking the Red Weekly Toronto ‘Til I Die podcast! That’s right. New name, same show.

Toronto FC can’t seem to catch a break, but there’s still plenty of reason for optisim as hosts Michael Singh, Mitchell Tierney, and Jeffrey P. Nesker will discuss! Plus, we get Bob Bradley’s reaction following PRO’s acknowledgement of the ‘mistake’ to disallow Jayden Nelson’s goal on Sunday, and discuss Alejandro Pozuelo and his future with TFC. Don’t miss out!

As always, you can watch the live show at 3:30 pm ET on the Waking the Red Facebook page, on Waking the Red and Toronto ‘Til I Die’s Twitter, and YouTube channel. Come ready to ask questions as we’ll try and get to as many as we can on this week’s show!

Afterwards, the show will be made available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever else you get your podcast fix. If you enjoy, please like, rate, and subscribe!