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Toronto FC Prediction League | Round 14 —Toronto FC @ HFX Wanderers FC

Guess Tuesday’s final score before the 6:00 pm ET kickoff to enter our prediction and be eligible to win a Toronto FC prize!

Graphics : JPN

Another result at the death, but this time, it was our guys! Welcome point thanks to Osorio’s lunging attempt!

Congrats to Footy Wolverine Go Blue who continues to lead and a special shoutout to Curtis Gergley-Garner who was in Washington to watch the match, and nailed the perfect 2-2 prediction! Andre Schaffner and RustyRamone also had perfect predictions this week. Well done!! 6 big points.

Graphics : JPN

Time for TFC to join the 2022 Voyageurs Cup battle. Off to the East Coast!

The point system for the 2022 season will be as follows:

  • 2 points for guessing the correct result (Win, Loss, or Draw)
  • 1 point for guessing the amount of Toronto FC goals scored
  • 1 point for guessing the amount of Toronto FC goals conceded

A perfect game prediction will yield a massive 4 points—and there will be extra points available each match for the bonus question!

This Week’s Bonus:

Which team scores the final goal of the match?

Toronto = 1 point

HFX = 1 point

None (Scoreless Draw to Penalty Kicks) = 5 points

Come on you Reds!