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Toronto FC Prediction League | Round 33 —Toronto FC v Los Angeles Galaxy

Guess Wednesday’s final score before the 7:30 pm ET kickoff to enter our prediction and be eligible to win a Toronto FC prize!

Graphics : JPN

Ok, so, is this thing back on again? The attacking Italians scored and Bono kept a clean sheet. Is Toronto back in the post-season mix?

Footy Wolverine Go Blue lead dips to 7 points which should still provide decent breathing room with perhaps 6 (maybe playoffs) matches remaining.

Graphics : JPN

Next up? Vanney comes home! Galaxy come to BMO for the first of two crucial home fixtures.

The point system for the 2022 season will be as follows:

  • 2 points for guessing the correct result (Win, Loss, or Draw)
  • 1 point for guessing the amount of Toronto FC goals scored
  • 1 point for guessing the amount of Toronto FC goals conceded

A perfect game prediction will yield a massive 4 points—and there will be extra points available each match for the bonus question!

This Week’s Bonus:

How many former-Reds will see the pitch during this match for Los Angeles (including Galaxy subs. Only former first-team Reds count - in case someone finds out that a Chicharito played in the U-10 academy!)

If you guess the number perfectly, you get 2 bonus points.

CUT OFF is 6:30pm ET. Please do not edit your posts after 6:30pm. Post replies to yourself if needed.

Come on you Reds!