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6ix on a Wave

Jeffrey P. Nesker's weekly column where he breaks down everything Red with a fun twist and lighter tone. The talented screenwriter has a way with words, asks imposing questions, and if you're into music, you'll love his weekly playlists. And Jeff's always welcoming to those in the comments thread. As our Community Manager, Jeff's 6ix on a Wave articles are the perfect places to join in on the conversation.

6ix on a Wave: Empty At The End

Is Toronto FC fighting for its very soul on Wednesday?

6ix on a Wave - On Trashy Second Chances

Play the Kids? Save the Kids? It’s all on the table.

6ix On A Wave - Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for Kids.

Jeffrey P. Nesker is all-in on the ‘Play The Kids’ movement now that Toronto FC’s season is virtually over.

6ix On A Wave : It’s Over / It’s Not Over

Stick a fork in us? Stop being so negative?