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Enjoy the ride up, Canada Soccer fans

For now, enjoy the quiet little secret that is the Canadian men’s national team, because one day very soon, it’s about to get very, very loud in here.

SAHOTA: Bring Junior Hoilett home

It’s time to bring Junior Hoilett home, writes Tej Sahota.

Homecoming: A return to normalcy for TFC fans

Toronto FC’s return to BMO Field marked the return of normalcy for a lot of us.

Atlas Shrugged: All eyes on Jozy Altidore

There’s no one else to point the blame at. Now it’s time for Jozy Altidore to step up and let his play do the talking.

The search for a better way

Is there a better way to end soccer matches than via a penalty shootout?

Out of sight, out of mind: Toronto FC find themselves on a slippery slope

Nothing scares sports executives more than when a fanbase just shrugs their shoulders at the results, unable to muster even the slightest of emotions. While Toronto FC haven’t reached that point yet, the recipe appears to be set up that way.

5 lessons Toronto FC can learn from the Toronto Raptors’ experience in Florida

Toronto Raptors lessons for TFC!

Sebastian Giovinco does not play for Toronto FC

Tej Sahota shares a personal story that many 2020 Toronto FC fans can relate to.

Never About The Anthem: Michael Bradley’s actions speak louder than gestures

The controversial debate of whether or not to take a knee has taken away from the actual gesture itself. WTR’s Tej Sahota has more.

Let’s Discuss: Toronto FC Achara’s magical debut

After getting a taste of what he can offer, what do Toronto FC fans think the team has in Achara?