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Santos Laguna vs. TFC: The WTR Game Thread

A three goal win you say? TFC take on Santos Laguna in the last group stage match of the CCL. Follow the match with our thread!

Awww, need a hug?
Awww, need a hug?
Hans Maximo Musielik

2012-13 CONCACAF Champions League, Matchday 6
October 24th, 2012, 8:00pm ET
Estadio Corona, Torreon, Mexico

TV: Sportsnet World, FOX Soccer
Hector Rodriguez (Honduras)
Weather: Clear, 27°C, Wind E 10km/hr

"Someday I believe it, you will come to my rescue.
Unchain my heart you're keeping, and let me start anew.
The hours pass so slowly since they've thrown away the key,
Can't you see that I'm lonely? Won't you help me please?
Only you can set me free, 'cause I'm guilty -- guilty as a girl can be!
Come on baby can't you see? I stand accused of love in the first degree."

- "Love In The First Degree", Bananarama

Is today the day, is Torreon the place that we will find that thrown-away key? Probably not -- and it's probably not going to be the dream ending we'll be looking for, given our recent history with Santos Laguna, or even all Canadian teams that have faced them. And in what could be considered a knock-out game? Yeah, we probably don't have much chance here.

The season is just one more game away from finishing, and given the fact that we lost to this same team in Toronto 3-1, even if they try, it will be a mountain to climb, given the amount of weaponry that the home team possesses. We've neither the midfield general, nor many of the players we had when we last met -- injuries made sure that this will likely be an unfair fight.

But has that stopped miracles from happening before? No, but don't count on one -- but do join us here this evening for all the latest gossip and chat as we follow this match. Your favourite WTR writers will be here!