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Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact (Voyageurs Cup, 1st leg): Game Thread

The drive for five (or not) begins tonight -- TFC begin their defence of the Canadian Championship at home, so follow along with us here starting at around 7pm ET!


Toronto FC vs. Montreal Impact
2013 Canadian Championship First Round, Leg 1
7:30pm ET, April 24, 2013
BMO Field, Toronto
, Ontario
Rogers Sportsnet (English), TVA Sports (French)

Referee Paul Ward
Assistants Richard Gamache, Gianni Facchini, Justin Tasev
All Time Head-to-Head TFC 7, IMFC 2, Draw 3
Toronto Head-to-Head
TFC 3, IMFC 0, Draw 2
This Year (So Far)
TFC 0, IMFC 1, Draw 0
Last Meeting 3/16/2013, IMFC 2-1 TFC
Weather Light rain, 6°C
Wind NW 20 km/h

So...who wants this?

All the talk pre-game seems to be yes, but actions speak louder than words...and when you broadcast to the world two days in advance that you're starting your backup 'keeper in Evan Bush, Marco Schallibaum, it's kind of hard to take you seriously even if there is a tough schedule ahead. Still, TFC isn't exactly taking this one at full stride, but hey -- we've (sort of) got an excuse: we've got real injury concerns!

But with all that out of the way, and with four Voyageurs' Cups under our cap -- some are saying it's time to let the kids and bench warmers have a go, and see if they can bring home the hardware. It's a heated debate (and one more fierce than the ridiculous seeding scheme), and likely one that will go on long after the second leg is played. But no matter where you stand, this is still Toronto vs. Montreal, and like the eternal rivalry between Calgary and Edmonton out west, does TFC REALLY want to risk being seen losing to Montreal?

But hey, it'll be a good chance to see the kids shine, right? Kyle Bekker and Emery Welshman hasn't been up to much lately, and with the first stringers like Robert Earnshaw needing a break; why not let Justin Braun, John Bostock and maybe even Hogan Ephraim (who desperately needs to show he's worth something, and fast) take the wheel for once (I'm sure I'll regret saying that, but then again)? There's lots of options, with Daniele Paponi waiting to be introduced to MLS, and Marco di Vaio not available -- well, crapshoot, anyone?

So join us here, starting at around 7pm ET: turn on Sportsnet (or TVA Sports), and come over here and chat with your favourite WTR writers who aren't at the game and fellow supporters as we watch this rivalry unfold. It'll be ever such fun on a bun!