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Canada WNT vs. Germany: Live Game Thread

Canada's women's team continues their road to 2015 with a friendly against defending European champions Germany, and Waking the Red will be following the match.

We meet again, yo.
We meet again, yo.
Martin Rose

2013 Women's International Friendly
6pm Local (12pm ET/10am MT), June 19, 2013
Benteler Arena, Paderborn, Germany

Sportsnet ONE

Referee TBA
Assistants TBA
Last Meeting 6/26/2011 (Berlin), GER 2-1 CAN
Weather Partly Cloudy, 29°C
Wind SE 8 km/h

Germany from: TBA

Canada from: Steph Labbé, Erin McLeod, Kadeisha Buchanan, Robyn Gayle, Rachel Melhado, Carmelina Moscato, Desiree Scott, Lauren Sesselmann, Chelsea Stewart, Rhian Wilkinson, Emily Zurrer, Kaylyn Kyle, Diana Matheson, Sophie Schmidt, Danica Wu, Mélissa Busque, Adriana Leon, Christine Sinclair.

* * *

Last time the Canadians were in Germany, in was in front of about 70,000 people at Berlin's Olympic Stadium. The result didn't go Canada's way and it signalled the start of a horror-filled World Cup for the ladies in red (sorry Carmen Sandiego, I'm not talking about you) and led to the end of the Carolina Morace dynasty and heralded the start of the John Herdman era.

But today, these two sides meet again, this time in a picturesque town in North Rhine-Westphalia. Will the result be different? We don't know who the Canadians will be facing given the fact that the Germans are in the midst of 2013 Women's Euro preparations, but we know that the 18 selected are in game-form, 12 of which are currently playing in the NWSL, and many featuring in the friendly against the USA just over two weeks ago.

And then there are the names of Steph Labbe who has been playing in Sweden, and college-age players like Chelsea Stewart and Danica Wu, names likely to be seen for some time yet as 2015 nears, and probably beyond. How will this team work together, and can they perhaps pull off a result in Paderborn today?

So join myself and Kristin here starting at around 11:45am ET (9:45am MT), Sportsnet One or not, and join in on the fun as we watch the road to 2015 unfold in front of our eyes. Grab a coffee/tea/drink of your choice, and settle in -- this could get interesting!