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Chivas USA vs Toronto FC: Game Thread

It's a battle of who's more dysfunctional -- on the field, and off. Who will it be? And can a simple one-off game tell us that? (Not likely, but hey...)

Whatever, Labrocca.
Whatever, Labrocca.
John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

2013 MLS Season, Game 19
7:30pm Local (10:30pm ET), July 17, 2013
Stubhub Centre, Carson, California, USA


Referee Sorin Stoica
Assistants Corey Rockwell, Fabio Tovar, Baldomero Toledo
Last Meeting 4/14/2012 (Toronto), TFC 0-1 CHV
All-Time Head to Head CHV 8, TFC 2, Ties 1
LA Head to Head CHV 5, TFC 0, Ties 0
Weather Mainly Clear, 22°C
Wind W 15 km/h

In terms of dysfuctionality, these two teams know that word like the back of their collective hands. Rich owners, with pretty much next to no soccer know-how, with frequent changes in staff and player personnel. They change like the seasons, and probably have more baggage than a First Class jet-setter. It definitely doesn't make for pretty viewing, but yet here we still are. And Chivas too. But who is the most dysfuctional?

While tonight's game may give us clues, it'll be the off-field stuff that will be the most telling. And TFC so far have done a lot of housework, dumping many expensive salaries for little in return. Both Reggie Lambe and Doneil Henry will be suspended, but Ashtone Morgan, Kyle Bekker and Jonathan Osorio will be back from their Canadian men's team travails to at least fill the bench. Meanwhile, Chivas have added a few pieces in Carlos Bocanegra and Erick "Cubo" Torres, but so far neither have received their final clearance to play for the team. It's kind of a funny Benny Hill-music combined with a hilarious revolving door gag. Or something like that.

Oh yeah, they still have some guy named Eric Avila too, apparently. Well now, this could get interesting, given the fact that Chivas has never lost to TFC at home; and it's likely that streak will continue. But if you think otherwise...take a chance and take a punt.

So who will win the first annual Malcolm Wilkerson Cup for MLS Dysfunctionality on the field? Find out this evening, we'll have team news when it hits the twitter machine and all the usual commentary and nonsense during the game.