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Toronto FC Top 31 Countdown: Number 27 - Miguel Aceval

After a bunch of players who barely played, most of whom are too young to really relish getting critical about, we finally get to those who did enough to warrant a good dumping on, starting with number 27 Miguel Aceval.

In the absence of his mugshot, I'll go with this, Aceval standing around watching someone score. Seems appropriate.
In the absence of his mugshot, I'll go with this, Aceval standing around watching someone score. Seems appropriate.
George Frey

Average Ranking: 25.82
Highest Ranking: 20
Lowest Ranking: 31

Duncan: 25 January 30th. My birthday, and TFC got me a Centre Back! (By which i mean, Aron Winter got me a Centre Back, Paul Mariner had nothing to do with it, oh no.) Just what I always wanted, what the team desperately needed. A Chilean international at that, surely one of him or Geovany Caicedo would work out, and be the rock we could finally build a defence around, letting Torsten Frings return to the midfield and glory would obviously follow. A free kick specialist as well? Even better. Also a good sign that TFC was finally willing to look to the South American market.

Unlike Caicedo, Aceval did at least make it out of pre season, though it was hardly impressive, he was at fault for a goal in the game against Orlando City, but then scored through a deflected free kick, leading Danny Dichio to tweet "Aceval will score plenty of Goals this year! I assure all you TFC fans this."

Sadly he made a liar of Danny, as it became clear he wasn't going to be the answer at the back. He looked slow and hesitant, though in the right circumstances, under no pressure he was a little better at bringing the ball out than say, Ty Harden. With Torsten Frings alongside him against L.A, things just about worked out, but after Frings' injury, as part of a flat back 4 it wasn't good. The suicidally high line that Aron Winter played really didn't work out well for him, and soon enough he was relegated to the subs bench, 12 goals conceded in the 5 league games he started. He did pick up a couple of assists in those games, but if he was a borderline starter for Aron Winter, well you just knew that he wasn't Paul mariner's kind of player, and so it was towards the end of July he was 'mutually consented'.

There were two big moments to Aceval's season of course. The first was his free kick against Santos Laguna. A genuinely huge goal in a huge game, though the goalie really should have done better. Enjoy that again in all it's glory below.

Then there was of course Club Escobar. With his place looking to be more and more the bench, surely a change of regime would lead to renewed efforts to impress the coach and try fight his way back into the starting lineup. The defence was hardly magically improved under Paul Mariner, 2 goals were conceded in Kansas City and as they headed to to Houston for a midweek game, there was clearly room for improvement and a possible second chance for Aceval if he showed the required willingness to buckle down and fight for his job. Instead he went out and along with Nick Soolsma and Luis Silva, got arrested for public intoxication, following a drunken altercation. Let's go over the quotes from police in that Kurt Larson article shall we?

"There was a large disturbance outside the club," a Houston Police spokesman told the Sun. "Our officers tried to disperse the fight at which time (the TFC players) refused to leave. (They) began to have verbal altercations with the officers."

"Police at the scene said Silva, Aceval and Soolsma were given an opportunity to walk away from the situation before refusing. When officers attempted to handcuff one of the Reds "one of (the players) ran and so the officer ran and "took him into custody," the spokesman said."

Excellent. Too slow to outrun a cop, I can't remember if details came out about which of the 3 that was, but i'd like to think it was Aceval. Bail was of course posted by one Julian B. Guzman, the three were sent home in disgrace, and only one survived, Luis Silva resurrecting his season as Soolsma and Aceval eventually left the club. Enjoy Aceval's mugshot, in all it's stubbly, scruffy faux hawked and bleary eyed 'couldn't give a fuck' glory, and also check out TFC's new Aceval inspired kit at the bottom of this article here.

At least he was memorable.

Michael: 28 We hardly knew ye

Dave: 20 Was released from Toronto for good reason after a rocky start to the season. Many times it appeared that he lacked the fitness and pace needed to keep up with the faster forwards in MLS and that was his undoing in the league. Just another one in a long line of failures at CB for this club.

John: 31 If only we had know he would flop so badly!

The Ghost Of TFC Future: We'll always have that free kick blast versus Santos Laguna… and his involvement as a member of "The Houston Three"… and nothing else.

The Yorkies: He came. He saw. He looked bad-assed in his mug shot. The Chilean Geovanny Caicedo.

Panos Kelamis: One thunderbolt free-kick and empanadas for everyone

Kristin: One of the worst signings ever. So slow he couldn't even outrun a cop.

Jon Spratt: Another in the long line of complete busts of TFC central defenders.

Casual Soccer Fan: Ranked this high (#22) solely for his one goal.

DichioTFC: That free kick goal against Santos Laguna was one of my favourite memories of the 2012 season, but oh man did it just go downhill for Aceval. A questionable pickup and after an embarassing public intoxication, he's thankfully gone from this squad.

Prizby: I struggled with whom to put next (25); ultimately the best of what is left is Miguel Aceval. Aceval, who struggled to adapt to MLS and who had many holes in his game leaves me with one fond memory; the amazing free-kick goal in the first leg against Santos Laguna that had been retaken by him after the referee didn’t agree with Danny Koevermans taking it early (and missing)...Koevermans would get a yellow for this and miss the next leg where Aceval horrifically gave up a penalty on a hand-ball; one I contest he had no chance of getting away from.

Sir Alphonso Applegate: Would be lower on the list (27) if it wasn't for that goal against Santos Laguna.

Shel Soze: His touch, soccer sense and foot speed, all horrible.

JC_Plante: Higher than playing impact. (24) Just an embarassment.

Number 26 Ty Harden

Number 28: Dicoy Williams

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