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Toronto FC Top 31 Countdown: Number 22 - Andrew Wiedeman

He is what we got in return for Julian de Guzman. Turns out he wasn't exactly the world's best finisher as SOME people made him out to be. Coming in at Number 22 in our Top 31 countdown, it's Andrew Wiedeman.

Not exactly that good.
Not exactly that good.
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Average Ranking: 20.47
Highest ranking: 16
Lowest Ranking: 28

John: 18 How do I put this lightly? I think we got fleeced in that Julian de Guzman trade with FC Dallas.

Sure, we got rid of a controversial player, both for his salary and his style of play as a defensive midfielder in former DP de Guzman, and yes we opened up that DP spot and presumably some cap space, but in return we got a striker in Andrew Wiedeman. Picked 21st overall in the 2012 SuperDraft, the Californian played only eight games with the Hoops, five in 2012, with only one of those as a starter. Arriving from Texas, he was reunited with two former FCD teammates in Eric Avila and Jeremy Hall, but that's pretty much all the connection they had on the pitch.

Proclaimed by Paul Mariner as one of the best finishers in the modern era (really Paul?), he was cited as the future of the forward line, along with Danny Koevermans and Ryan Johnson. The future was looking a bit better at the time of his arrival, until Koevermans suffered his season ending injury. Rushed in as a sub in that fateful game, Wiedeman had a few good moments against the weak New England backline, but ultimately came up with nothing,

He did make an impact in the next game, scoring his first TFC goal against the Colorado Rapids in a 2-1 win, with what was a very nice finish, an instinctive reaction to deflect a Luis Silva shot just inside the post, see it here starting with some delightful right wing action from Doneil Henry.

After that game he would contribute little to the scoresheet until the final game of the season, where he scored a tying goal against the Columbus Crew, another very nice finish patiently waiting for the goalie to commit before slotting it inside the post. the main reason to watch that clip though is the commenting fail, Lee Godfrey explaining the 2013 Voyageurs Cup format rather than anyone commenting on the goal as it happened. In the 15 league games he wore a Red shirt, he started 7 -- in that time, he amassed four scoring chances, scoring on two.

Looking at his style of play, it's difficult to see where Mariner gets the idea of an excellent finish. Many a time he spent far too much time playing on, rather than shooting -- where he shows some knack for finishing, those demonstrations were few and far between. When he did, he was a threat. But the fact that the claims of a grand finisher, something that TFC has sorely lacked for many years Koevermans aside, did not materialize, makes Paul Mariner look even more foolish. Yes the qualifier of talking about the NCAA was missed by most journalists, but that statement really didn't help Wiedeman at all, without it, no-one would have been expecting anything, instead the raised expectations quickly turned into a long running gag that shows no sign of dying out.

Toronto's soccer history will likely not look kindly on the young Californian, if he is even remembered outside of the 'modern era' jokes. His future as the answer to the TFC trivia - "who did TFC get in the other half of the JDG trade" question is more certain. But his failure to make a mark -- the move to Toronto was supposed to restart his pro career, little did he know! -- will likely relegate him to the TFC dust bin. He may end up in the NASL, but for all intents and purposes, his future with TFC is very much in doubt.

Even though he is still on the young side of 25, the expiration of his Generation Adidas status means his salary becomes a huge sticking point to his continued presence. The lack of the alleged best finish in the modern era or much of a killer instinct on the field should spell the end of his time in Red. Especially with more established potential scoring threats in Johnson and Hassli likely to be featured up top; as well as Koevermans (should he return) taking his place back at the top of the scoring order; well, there's just no room for (another) sub-par striker on TFC's roster.

Given those odds and highlighted by the glaring lack of a finish that even approaches the 'best' - third or fourth rate finish at best - it's time for TFC's second AW this year to sashay away.

Duncan: 17 He had some good moments, the home game against Santos Laguna for one, and a couple of decent goals as seen above. Overall though, it was all very disappointing and his continued presence in the lineup at the expense of Eric Avila a continued source of frustration for me. Mariner's modern era quote very unfairly turned him into a bit of a joke.

Dave: 18 Hard to know what to make of Wiedeman this season as he did have a few good moments for TFC after coming over in the JDG trade. He did not live up the world class finisher tag that someone tried to apply to him but he did put in some solid performances when he was used out on the wing and even chipped in with a couple of finishes.

Michael: 21 Meh.

Kristin: 21 Best hair in the modern era? Puppy like exuberance, terrible field sense. This is what we got for JDG? Would rather never see him again - a depth player at best - even with the very late season almost decent play.

The Ghost Of TFC Future: Ah, "one of the best finishers I've seen in the modern era". Scored two goals this season, the second of which he was lucky to bounce off the post and in when one-on-one with the goalie. Even if he starts to produce, he'll never be able to live the line down in Toronto.

The Yorkies: From Generation Adidas this year to Generation Skechers in 2013. Modern Era etc. etc.

Casual Soccer Fan: Not his fault Mariner hyped him so much. Still not good enough. Concrete feet and a lead touch.

DichioTFC: Trading a DP is a rare event in MLS. Trading for Hassli, TFC had to give a first round pick to the rival Vancouver Whitecaps. What did we get from FC Dallas for underappreciated Julian De Guzman? According to Wiedeman's results, not much. Heavily hyped by Mariner coming in, he was yet another disappointment for TFC fans. Never a major player in the league, Wiedeman has historically underperformed for his $80,000 salary, starting one match for Dallas in 3 years. Finally given a chance to prove himself, he failed to live up to the hype.

Prizby: He probably finishes higher than I would have put him for scoring in the season finale. Despite scoring twice for TFC, Mariner dug his grave when he said Weideman was " of the best finishers in the modern era”. 2 goals in half-a-season would beg to differ. The fact is Weideman looked completely out of place most of the time on the field.

Sir Alphonso Applegate: "One of the best finishers in the modern game" a statement that will forever live in TFC infamy. Methinks this guy's MLS career ends the day his GA status runs out.

JC Plante: He is pretty, so he's got that going for him.

Number 21: Aaron Maund

Number 23: Freddy Hall

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