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Nicolas Hasler’s salary revealed in latest Players Union release

A bargain - for now.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Toronto FC Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

The MLS Players Union has published its latest list of salaries through September 15. The only addition to the previous list for Toronto FC is Nicolas Hasler, who signed in the summer transfer window.

Hasler is earning a league-minimum $65,004 base salary and a small bonus that takes him to $80,670 in guaranteed compensation. It’s not clear whether that number is pro-rated or not to account for the fact that he will play only half a season, but it represents good value regardless.

We can expect Hasler’s pay to rise in the offseason should he stay in Toronto. Tosaint Ricketts signed a very similar deal last summer and was then bumped up to $193,166 in guaranteed compensation at the end of the year.

Toronto FC salaries

Last Name First Name Position Base salary ($) Guaranteed compensation ($)
Last Name First Name Position Base salary ($) Guaranteed compensation ($)
Alseth Oyvind M-D 53,004.00 53,004.00
Altidore Jozy F 4,875,000.00 4,875,000.00
Aubrey Brandon D 75,000.00 93,750.00
Beitashour Steven D 250,000.00 264,000.00
Bono Alex GK 70,000.00 90,200.00
Bradley Michael M 6,000,000.00 6,500,000.00
Camargo Sergio M 65,004.00 65,004.00
Chapman Jay M 90,000.00 108,500.00
Cheyrou Benoit M 65,004.00 65,004.00
Cooper Armando M 189,000.00 202,333.33
Delgado Marco M 210,000.00 210,000.00
Edwards Raheem F 53,004.00 53,004.00
Endoh Tsubasa F 54,075.00 54,075.00
Giovinco Sebastian F 5,600,000.00 7,115,555.67
Hagglund Nick D 100,008.00 109,633.00
Hamilton Jordan F 69,457.50 81,957.50
Hasler Nicolas D 65,004.00 80,670.67
Hernandez Jason D 65,004.00 65,004.00
Irwin Clint GK 200,004.00 211,316.70
Mavinga Chris D 265,008.00 300,691.60
Moor Drew D 246,750.00 261,750.00
Morgan Ashtone D 100,008.00 101,508.00
Morrow Justin D 210,000.00 226,666.67
Osorio Jonathan M 191,762.50 200,237.13
Pais Mark GK 65,004.00 65,004.00
Ricketts Tosaint F 180,000.00 193,166.67
Spencer Ben F 65,004.00 71,554.28
Vazquez Victor M 630,000.00 700,000.00
Zavaleta Eriq D 102,850.00 133,450.00

Otherwise, the numbers are unchanged. The likes of Benoit Cheyrou, Nick Hagglund and Eriq Zavaleta continue to look like bargains, while Clint Irwin, Armando Cooper and - now Hasler has arrived - Steven Beitashour have contracts that Tim Bezbatchenko may have to do some thinking about in the winter.