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Someone let fireworks off outside the Seattle Sounders’ hotel at 3 a.m.

*stifles laugh*

MLS: MLS Cup-Features Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

It appears the Seattle Sounders had a restless night’s sleep - and not simply due to the inevitable pre-MLS Cup nerves.

As first spotted by none other than Canadian Premier League chief Paul Beirne, some Toronto FC fans got up to some mischief last night. Residents of the Bremner-York area downtown - near Maple Leaf Square - were awoken by fireworks being set off at 3 a.m. for seemingly no reason at all.

Colourful language follows.

Well, it turns out there was a motive.

Staying in the area, at the Delta hotel, is none other than... the Seattle Sounders.

If TFC come out looking like they have a little extra jump in their step this afternoon, you know who to thank.