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Toronto FC likely to debut new home kit next week

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Will the breakfast event with the President and GM be the first debut of the new threads?

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday morning, Toronto FC season ticket holders received an email from the club inviting them to a breakfast event at Real Sports Grill on February 24. The event promotes a breakfast with President Bill Manning and GM Tim Bezbatchenko, where fans can ask questions and get a ‘state of the union’ type update.

What was most exciting for many, is this particular blurb in the email:

Details: Breakfast will be provided and we may have a surprise in store regarding the new 2017 jersey.

While many other teams around the league have already released their new threads, Toronto FC is typically one of the later teams to release kits, and this year is no different.

At this time, there is no confirmation whether BMO is back as kit sponsor, but a recent marketing and promo video from the club features the banks’ logo at the end of the video.

I would speculate that it’s a pretty safe bet that BMO will be back on the front of the jersey at this point, especially since TFC released an away kit last year, and would risk alienating the fans who purchased a jersey with only a 1 year shelf life.

Waking the Red are planning to have live updates from the event as soon as the jersey is released, as well as a more comprehensive summary post event.

Mark February 24 down kit heads and TFC fans, we may finally get our answers!