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USMNT teammates Jozy Altidore & Alejandro Bedoya have a very public disagreement

The Toronto FC-Philadelphia Union matchup was feisty on the field and off it.

MLS: Toronto FC at Philadelphia Union Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jozy Altidore and Alejandro Bedoya: not the best of friends, apparently.

The Toronto FC forward called out his USMNT teammate in a since-deleted tweet last night after being accused of diving by the Philadelphia Union man.

It started when Bedoya said the following to reporters after the match after being asked about the penalty Altidore won and converted to make the score 1-1:

“I didn’t even see it [ed: Bedoya should probably stop here] but knowing [Altidore], he tends to go down easily in the box, so just leave it at that. I haven’t even seen the replay but from what I hear it was definitely not a penalty.”

Bedoya went on to suggest it was a “make-up call” for the penalty awarded against Toronto, the foul for which appeared to have been committed outside the box on the replay.

Here’s the video of the exchange:

Was it a penalty? It’s hard to tell because we only have one (distant) camera angle due to the fact all eyes were on the injured Sebastian Giovinco, but there definitely appears to be some tugging on Altidore by Derrick Jones and, well... the league literally just told you they were going to be calling this heavily this year.

Anyway, Altidore then responded to Bedoya with this tweet, which has since been deleted (H/T to our friends at Stars and Stripes FC for the screenshot):

Altidore tweet Bedoya Stars and Stripes FC

Bedoya then attempted to defuse with this:

Philly’s communications manager, among others, has since suggested that the video shows Bedoya was only fooling around and did not mean anything by his comments. I’m guessing Altidore still may not be too happy even after watching it, coming from an international teammate, but it’s true that the initial tweets may have made Bedoya’s tone seem more critical.