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Toronto FC’s season-ticket packages are out, and a sign of the future

Lots of artwork and a scarf and more clues as to where the Reds’ branding is going.

Luke Galati

I don’t want to do the club’s marketing for them too much here but I’m a sucker for nice things, so here we are.

Toronto FC season-seat holders appear to be receiving their packages for 2017 this week, and they include a ton of unique ticket designs as well as a scarf. You can see pics of them here and here (H/T to r/tfc).

Firstly, it’s really nicely presented; the box is smart and the tickets look great. Once again, the ‘TFC’ logo is prominent and the club’s actual crest is virtually nowhere to be seen. That’s a change I’m pretty sure we’re going to see reflected on the kit sooner or later, and I would guess that the only reason it didn’t happen this year is that Adidas works a long way ahead of schedule when designing MLS jerseys - Bill Manning told us at the kit launch last month that he had already seen early prototypes of the next design.

Tying into the new direction in terms of branding is the scarf which, as you can see from reading the Reddit thread linked to above, has been met with a mixed reaction. It’s not a traditional football scarf with big letters, logos or a slogan but block red with grey trim and - you guessed it - the alternate TFC logo. It’s made by Frank + Oak, a very modern and millennial-ish clothing brand with a Toronto location at West Queen West.

It may seem a stretch to tie a scarf handed out to season-ticket holders into the club’s overall branding strategy, but again it fits. It seems pretty clear that TFC are trying to take a leaf out of the Raptors’ book by creating merchandise that is wearable every day and not just to the game; the new home jerseys, billed as “strong and casual” in the promotional guff, are another example of that. It’s about making TFC cool and edgy but also actually seen around the city, not just at BMO Field.

To further illustrate that point, here’s a couple of Reddit comments that caught my eye. Exhibit A:

As a supporter scarf, it's a bit plain, but this is definitely easier to wear for a night on the town. It's alright.

Exhibit B:

Will probably get down voted to montreal but some of the early season scarves looked ridiculous paired with professional work attire. Still wore it but pretty open to this change.

There it is - that’s what they’re looking for.