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The good, the bad & the ugly: Vancouver Whitecaps 0-2 Toronto FC

A committed couch potato’s view of the Reds’ first victory of the new MLS season.

Stewart Johnstone /

The good

Stewart Johnstone /

No curling; the telecast actually started on time… TFC back in red… Alex Bono back in goal… Jonathan Osorio with only one boot… Nick Dasovic’s keen analysis of the first goal – spotting the sun in the eyes of Vancouver’s goalkeeper… multiple replays of Will Johnson’s Canadian Championship goal… Dasovic admitting that they are “a little soft on the west coast”… TFC’s new red socks… TFC’s improved passing (except for Armando Cooper)... Greg Vanney’s substitutions... the new MLS promo commercial... Dasovic’s fancy arrow graphic during his half-time analysis... both of Toronto’s goals... the “Labalife” banner in reference to Vancouver’s midfielder Matias Laba... Bono taking control and emphatically marshalling the two-man wall late in the second half to defend a Vancouver free-kick… the camera work on Brek Shea - if you can lip read, you know exactly what he said to the referee.

The bad

Stewart Johnstone /

No Steven Caldwell to say ‘Drew Moor’. I love the way he pronounces the name... Luke Wileman mentioning ‘Sandy, Utah’; he just loves saying that name. In the first match he said it seven times, against Philly he mentioned it twice and against Vancouver, he mentioned it once… Cooper with his hands outstretched in frustration when he didn’t receive a pass early in the first half - he who lives in a glass house... the sound; doesn’t TSN have a qualified sound engineer? All three telecasts have been poor in this regard (especially due to the wind in ‘Sandy, Utah’)... that ‘WHITE, CAPS’ chant late in the first half... hearing that Sebastian Giovinco was “back in Toronto” while the game was being played. Seeing as he had returned from Italy, it might have been nice if he was with the team... Perry Solkowski mentioning the “heated CFL rivalry” between Toronto and Vancouver – really?!

The ugly

Stewart Johnstone /

The pattern on Vanney’s tie; it looked like my grandmother’s napkins… Vancouver’s rain jerseys. They’re just ugly… Vancouver’s man-buns. Incidentally, did anyone notice the ad on the sidelines for ‘Great Clips’? Three Vancouver goals in a game = a free haircut. Guess that explains things... Jozy Altidore occasionally playing as a pseudo right-winger. His home is the middle of the pitch... several shots of the Vancouver keeper touching his crotch... Erik Hurtado’s missed shot late in the second half (how do you miss a 24-foot target from eight yards out?)... the brown patch on the artificial turf at centre field... the brown patch on the artificial turf at midfield... the artificial turf in general.