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Fifteen per cent of MLS players would trust Sebastian Giovinco with their life

They would’ve died on Saturday.

MLS: Toronto FC at Real Salt Lake Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN came out with their annual anonymous players’ poll yesterday, canvassing opinion around MLS on a number of league-related issues.

The full results make for an interesting read. Here’s the methodology:

Overall, 140 players took part, representing 21 of the league's 22 clubs -- New York City FC was the only team that declined to participate -- and, as you'll see below, they didn't hold back on giving their opinions.

Michael Bradley, following in Dion Phaneuf’s footsteps as a Toronto captain, was named the second-most overrated player in the league after Mix Diskerud, with Jozy Altidore (nope, I don’t get it either) also featuring on that list.

The most amusing part of the survey, however, concerned Sebastian Giovinco. After 80% of players agreed he should not have been left off the three-man MVP shortlist last season, 15% went one step further by stating that they would choose the Italian to take a penalty kick that their life depended on.

Just to be clear, the players were allowed to choose themselves - 18% did, but nearly as many happily handed their fate over. “He has a quick-release shot, and it's very hard to manage that from that distance,” one player enthusiastically explained, with the poll presumably taken before Saturday’s miss at Real Salt Lake.

In Seba we trust is apparently not just a Toronto motto.