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Waking the Red is raising funds for Football for Good - and we need your help

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We’re entering Kristian Jack’s annual tournament in support of the FFG Academy, which provides football development and education in Uganda.

Waking the Red is pleased to announce that on April 9, Waking the Red FC will be returning to the pitch. After a year-long hiatus, everyone’s favourite blog-based soccer club is back for Kristian Jack’s 10th annual Football for Good charity tournament.

WTRFC has a short and unremarkable history on the pitch, dating back to the 2015 tournament. However - and far more importantly - off the pitch we have been able to successfully raise a solid amount of money for Football for Good.

Football for Good provides youth in East Africa - specifically Uganda - with a world-class education, soccer training and individual development. For over 10 years they have been helping these children live out their soccer dreams by creating an elite academy environment that gives them a shot at the professional game.

Waking The Red has raised $900 internally in order to enter the tournament and has targeted another $500 from outside donations prior to kick-off. To donate, please visit our GoFundMe page - all proceeds go directly to Football for Good.

As an added (though somewhat less vital) perk, your donations might also help Waking the Red on the pitch. This year, teams will be able to use the money they raise to ‘bid’ on a number of ex-professionals available in the Football for Good transfer market. Dwayne De Rosario would surely love the chance to become both the most prolific striker in Canadian history and also Waking the Red FC history (he needs to score like two goals to do so), but Steven Caldwell, Jim Brennan, Terry Dunfield and Chris Williams are also available.

This year’s team will be captained by Mitchell Tierney. Former captain Dave Rowaan will also be on the team, but was stripped of his captaincy because Tierney is seen as more marketable by the club. Also on the roster are Oliver Platt, photographer Luke Galati, TFC Talk host Steve Gennaro and new graphics guy Chris Blanchette. We tried to sign a Swedish defender but the league (allegedly) blocked the transfer.

Waking the Red interim manager James Grossi makes no guarantees that they will perform any better than in 2013, when the club lost three of its four games. With any (or a whole ton of) luck, however, one of our writers might actually score this time.

Once again, you can donate at this link. We’d hugely appreciate any contributions.