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Rate the Reds: Toronto FC 3-1 Chicago Fire

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Sebastian Giovinco? Victor Vazquez? Who was your TFC man of the match on Friday night?

MLS: Chicago Fire at Toronto FC John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Back to winning ways, and it feels good.

To celebrate, we’re bringing a new post-match feature to Waking the Red we hope you’ll enjoy.

It’s player ratings, but not quite as you know them. Picking a number between one and 10 for every single player on the field gets boring, so we simply want you to upvote the players you thought did well and downvote those you weren’t so impressed with.

If there’s any players you don’t feel strongly about, you can simply ignore them - and the cream will, hopefully, rise to the top, giving us a WTR man of the match to be announced on Monday.

Happy voting, and let us know who stood out to you in more detail in the comments.