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Rate the Reds: Sebastian Giovinco is your Toronto FC man of the match

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Lots of impressive performers, but the Italian comes out on top.

MLS: Chicago Fire at Toronto FC John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The votes are in, and Sebastian Giovinco is your Waking the Red man of the match for the 3-1 win over the Chicago Fire.

Giovinco was back at his best on Friday night, scoring two goals to lead the way as Toronto FC recorded their first home victory of the season. He also got pretty mad.

The Atomic Ant was the only player to earn more than 100 upvotes, with Victor Vazquez placing second and Michael Bradley rounding out the podium. Those two played very well in midfield and were ably supported by Marky Delgado, but there were so many other strong performers that he was down in seventh.

Placing last among starters was Alex Bono - which is no surprise, less because he played badly and more because he didn’t have much to do - but he still came out a +5. Here are the rankings in full:

1. Sebastian Giovinco +94
2. Victor Vazquez +78
3. Michael Bradley +75
4. Raheem Edwards +72
5. Nick Hagglund +63
6. Eriq Zavaleta +60
7. Marky Delgado +43
8. Justin Morrow +40
9. Steven Beitashour +24
10. Jozy Altidore +14
11. Greg Vanney +7
12. Alex Bono +5
~13. Jay Chapman +2
~13. Jonathan Osorio +2
15. Benoit Cheyrou -25

We’ll be keeping a running tally of your votes throughout the season. Thanks for taking part!