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Rate the Reds: Seattle Sounders 0-1 Toronto FC

Seriously, what an effort.

MLS: Toronto FC at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, Toronto FC had a little bit of luck; they were always going to need it in this game. Yes, the Reds spent periods of the match bunkering defensively and repelling Seattle Sounders pressure.

But there was really no other way for Greg Vanney to approach this match and realistically expect to get a result. In a way, though it’s hard to argue that leaving a player like Sebastian Giovinco at home is ever helpful, Seattle may have preferred to face a Toronto team that came at full strength and attempted to play on its own terms rather than the reactive one with a packed midfield that was actually put in front of them. The Sounders have struggled to convert possession into chances and goals against deep defences all year.

It was a superb effort from the visitors, anyway, and rewarded with three points that didn’t seem essential before the game but now do a lot to take the pressure off ahead of the trip to Columbus on Wednesday night.

Who impressed you most at CenturyLink Field? Upvote those you liked, downvote those you didn’t and feel free to ignore anyone you don’t feel strongly about. Let us know who stood out to you in more detail in the comments and we’ll post the results on Monday.