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Montreal Impact fans unveil ‘F*** TORONTO’ banner during Canadian Championship final

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Fan misbehaviour has become another wrinkle in this rivalry.


The rivalry between Toronto FC and the Montreal Impact has undoubtedly become one of the fiercest in Major League Soccer. With Toronto FC visiting the Impact tonight at Saputo Stadium for the Canadian Championship final, a group of home fans gave the visitors a rude welcoming.

As the match kicked off, fans in the stadium’s supporters’ section revealed a french banner which translates to: “What people think, we dare say aloud. F— Toronto.”

The incident is just the latest in a war of both words and misbehaviour between the team’s two fanbases. Another (significantly more) inappropriate two-stick sign was hoisted by a TFC fan at BMO Field last year while the Impact were visiting.

Toronto FC supporters have also seen travel bans given to them for pyro incidents that took place at Saputo Stadium in 2015. Dozens of other allegations of incidents and mistreatment can be found on social media.

Tournament organizers will certainly be hoping that things do not escalate any further this year between the two fanbases.