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The good, the bad & the ugly: New York City FC 2-2 Toronto FC

A committed couch potato’s view of a back-and-forth draw.

MLS: Toronto FC at New York City FC Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

MLS: Toronto FC at New York City FC Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The boys are back!… the width of a goalpost. Three inches wider, and the penalty doesn’t go in… Ashtone Morgan’s first MLS goal… the Canadian connection on the night: Morgan’s goal, Jay Chapman’s disallowed goal (see ‘ugly’ section), Raheem Edwards and Jordan Hamilton combining to draw the penalty… Alex Bono’s two great saves in the first half… Greg Vanney riling-up the troops and passionately letting the referee know that his call on the Chapman goal was wrong… Vanney’s army salute to the New York City FC crowd, who tried to get a less professional reaction from the TFC coach as he exited the pitch… the infusion of energy, skill and purpose that Edwards provided as soon as he entered the game. So glad to have him back!... Benoit Cheyrou’s outstanding understudy performance for Michael Bradley. Great passes (including a couple of long balls), great coverage on defence and strong play throughout midfield… TFC’s first goal. That looked like a practised set-play. It was expertly orchestrated from the throw-in… overall, this was a well-earned draw against a lot of adversity. Still five points up on NYCFC and top of the table!

The Bad

MLS: Toronto FC at New York City FC Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Another contusion for Seba… bad ref call: the yellow card to Bono for time wasting. In the 33rd minute? Come on!... the unlucky bounce off Chris Mavinga that led to NYCFC’s second goal… Marky Delgado rolling around like a seal on David Villa’s strike… TFC’s lack of concentration late in the first half. This is an old bug-a-boo that reared its ugly head after a long break… the ball kids and groundskeepers sitting on step stools and overturned buckets all along the sidelines. Dig them a trench or put them in a shed. Anything but!… Vanney being sent off in the first place. The referee entertained NYCFC’s claims that the goal was offside. That’s the only reason he conferred with the sideline official. If he could do that, then he should have entertained TFC’s point of view. Poor game-management skills.

The Ugly

MLS: Toronto FC at New York City FC Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Yankee Stadium as a soccer venue… the game of slip ‘n slide that everyone was playing on the tight, slick, baseball turf. Time to put nails on the bottom of the cleats… the orange trim on NYCFC’s jerseys… Steven Caldwell and Luke Wileman agreeing with the referee’s decision to call back Chapman’s goal. This, despite never viewing a camera angle that concretely established that Ben Spencer’s header was moving forwards… I spent $12.9 million and added Seba to my MLS fantasy team for this week.