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Toronto FC 1-1 Colorado Rapids: The good, the bad & the ugly

A committed couch potato’s view of a frustrating end to the winning streak at home.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado upset the order of the TFC Universe on Saturday night. That includes the order of this article.

The Ugly

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto played down to their deliberately slow opposition and limped out of BMO with a measly draw… Armando Cooper’s best impersonation of Oprah Winfrey – big, surprise giveaways that change everything… Jay Chapman’s colossal miss from eight yards out. As one of my daughters said, “Our rec room is 25 feet long and eight feet high (close to the size of the net). How did he miss that?!”… if TFC loses the Supporters’ Shield by a single point, then this was the game that did it… either the referee can’t add or he can’t tell time (or both). There is no way that five minutes were played during stoppage time… this is a big one - poor first touches by the Reds throughout the second half… Victor Vazquez’s best impersonation of Jimmy Hoffa during the last 25 minutes… minimal to no offensive presence down the right flank for most of the match (credit to my other daughter for flagging that)… Chris Mavinga’s foul. He was lucky to have avoided a red… the ‘2018 TFC Membership Waitlist’. A bit of success and now it’s $50 for the ‘privilege’ of spending thousands on season seats. This fee would be far more palatable if MLSE gave the money to charity.

The Bad

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

David vs. Goliath (part one) – Colorado versus Toronto (David won)… no Drew Moor. Marking his 350th appearance against his former team might have been a nice touch… the field chalk/paint on Nick Hagglund’s face after his diving header in the second half. Why is the chalk coming off the field?… speaking of wearing white, Clint Irwin’s white kit made him look like a baker in short pants… also, why were the Inebriatti wearing white t-shirts? Is there another tiff brewing with TFC’s management? If so, then that really is bad… David vs. Goliath (part two) – Sebastian Giovinco versus Axel Sjoberg (Goliath won)… Benoit Cheyrou’s injury. If he is unavailable for New York City next week, then Michael Bradley has to play. Otherwise, David Villa will have a field day… my brewing/Inebriatti pun… the fact that I felt the need to explain my pun.

The Good (with some qualifiers)

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Hagglund is back from injury, ahead of schedule. Welcome back, Nick… Chapman’s first MLS goal. After the fiasco in New York, this is proof that the soccer gods truly do favour the righteous… Ashtone Morgan recording his 100th appearance with TFC (although I question why he was brought on)… Irwin’s save on Kevin Doyle (although I question why Doyle was so open in the first place)… Vazquez’s soft feet on the sidelines that sprung Chapman, Giovinco and Ricketts (although Chapman botched the play)… Chicago lost to a confident, 10-man NYCFC team (although we play that same, confident NYCFC team next Sunday).