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Toronto FC 3-0 Philadelphia Union: The good, the bad & the ugly

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A committed couch potato’s view of a routine night at BMO Field.

Andre Varty / Waking the Red

A complete effort by the team has led to a tilted column.

The Good

Congratulations to the Reds for unofficially clinching a playoff spot. Never before, in the history of MLS, has a team on 53 points missed the postseason… Greg Vanney: a new shirt for a new formation… TFC’s great ball movement and dominant possession… Jonathan Osorio getting the start and taking full advantage of the opportunity. Clearly, diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend… a solid defensive game by Chris Mavinga. No unnecessary wandering… watching the game from home and avoiding the hassle, traffic and confusion of the CNE…. Alex Bono’s play throughout the game, particularly his two great saves in the second half… Jozy Altidore’s sweet feet on the disallowed goal (offside) in the 16th minute… Victor Vazquez’s school-yard, backwards header to Marky Delgado. He was determined to work that trick into his first-half act… Seba’s free-kick, and the sound the ball made when it hit the back of the net… Vazquez’s efficiency in a more central role… Hasler’s head… purposeful set-pieces. As we know, Hasler’s goal was drawn up on the training ground whiteboard… the Caldwell jersey amongst The Original 109. It was a nice throwback… the give and go between Altidore and Vazquez… Altidore’s first goal from open play in five games. Wasn’t it around this time last season that he caught fire?… Hasler’s high press, in Philly’s end, that forced the turnover that led to TFC’s third goal… Giovinco’s pass to Beita, springing him for a solid scoring chance… Bradley’s play as a central defender. Pushing Bradley deep forced Mavinga and Moor to the sides, which allowed Morrow and Hasler to exploit the wide flanks… genuine post-match concern shown by Altidore for Andre Blake’s hurt hand… TFC’s goal differential (+27) is higher than the total number of goals scored by Orlando (26)… ever wonder how much air time Steven Caldwell actually consumes? In this game, it was 1,965 seconds over the 93 minutes of play (including stoppage time). That’s 35.2%. Yes, I actually counted. My commitment to this column knows no bounds… Vic Rauter was better. For the most part, he focused on the action. No swanky nicknames during play, no geography lessons, and no belaboured references to players’ nationalities. However…

Andre Varty / Waking the Red

The Bad

…you can take the boy out of the jungle, but you can’t take the (you can finish the rest) - Rauterism, part one: “Moor for more”. Comment made after Drew Moor’s attempt on goal in the second half. Corny and cheesy. But it seemed to crack both him and Caldwell up… Rauterism, part two: “Bo-knows how to stop them”. A poor pun on Bono’s name, referencing a long forgotten 1980s Nike commercial … Rauterism, part three: “Altidore-able”. Said after TFC’s third tally… Rauterism, part four: he said it. If you went for a snack at half-time, then you missed it. “Nacho-Nacho Man” split the airwaves. Like nails on a chalkboard. He couldn’t resist. This Sunday is going to be painful.

The Ugly

The half-time chatter. The boys simply reiterated what was said throughout the first half. TSN could have prepared some player interviews, or shown highlights from other games, or played an ‘All for One’ vignette. Give us a reason to stick around. Something. Anything. “Nacho-Nacho Man” is not good enough. We deserve better… Seba’s midfield giveaway that led to Haris Medunjanin’s lob. It almost caught Bono off his line… two free headers, in quick succession, leading to unnecessary scoring chances for Chris Pontius and Oguchi Onyewu. That’s how clean sheets are thrown away… Hasler’s yellow card. Pontius made a right meal of it… Onyewu waving his finger in Seba’s face late in the second half. Jozy needed to step in.