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Toronto FC’s Sebastian Giovinco has the perfect response for Montreal Impact fans’ banner

The Atomic Ant might have a new favourite emoji.


It seems pretty rare that a Montreal Impact-Toronto FC match takes place without some discussion about a banner unveiled by one of the two fanbases. There were several on display as Toronto travelled to Saputo Stadium today.

However, one may have backfired for the home supporters. Impact fans unveiled a banner that appeared to outline what they think of Sebastian Giovinco, holding up the crying, ant, diving and money emojis.

They ended up getting a good look at a crying Giovinco, but not in the way they might have hoped. After scoring yet another impressive free-kick in the first half, Giovinco responded to the banner by wiping away mock tears while celebrating.

It was just the latest memorable moment in a rivalry that doesn’t seem to be able to get through a game without one. The good news? These two clubs play twice more before all is said and done, and that’s not even counting a possible meeting in the playoffs.