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Toronto FC 4-0 San Jose Earthquakes: The good, the bad & the ugly

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The final stretch begins with more of the same.

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

The Reds go marching on; especially poignant on Canadian Armed Forces Day... TFC’s most dominant performance so far this season. In Alex Bono’s words, “We bossed it, from start to finish”…speaking of Bono, he only had to touch the ball twice in the entire second half (four times if you count the two goal kicks)… the sun. Give it a second assist on Victor Vazquez’s goal…speaking of assists, Vazquez’s pass to Jozy Altidore was world class (TFC’s second tally)…breaking San Jose’s 4-2-3-1 with passes. A lot of passes. Eight-hundred and twenty-seven, to be precise. With 91% accuracy to boot! That’s insane…speaking of passes, TFC strung 12 together in the build-up to Vazquez’s goal…twelve consecutive passes were also made prior to Altidore’s first goal…Greg Vanney’s spiffy haircut…Steven Beitashour’s play throughout the game. He took full advantage of his return to the starting XI…Jozy needs to watch more tennis. Even without his two goals, this game was one of his best performances in a while… speaking of potential love affairs, did Vazquez kiss Beita after TFC’s first goal? Obviously, VV still has lots of XO’s to give out… Vanney’s decision to bring on a confident Jonathan Osorio. The coach made the right call – again… Armando Cooper’s play, albeit against a demoralized 10-man squad. If he can build on this, it can only help… Kristian Jack’s interview with Vanney, where we learned the logic behind the Oso decision. Nice bit of concise reporting…pre-game shot of VV having fun playing with his phone in the locker room. Wonder if he was swiping right (kidding)…Altidore’s over-the-head volley pass to Giovinco… Michael Bradley got a much-needed rest for most of the second half…Andrew Tarbell’s two outstanding saves against Osorio and Morrow. In the spirit of sportsmanship, it was nice to see him regain some self-respect…video assistant referees. Darwin Ceren deserved to see red…the Steven Caldwell report: approximately 1,785 seconds of talk time (31.3% of the 95 minutes). Within range, but a little on the low side.

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Bad

That Audi Sport commercial. Something about a spinning wheel gathering no moss, or something like that…TFC II being unable to capitalize on another showcase match at BMO Field. Immediately after San Jose left, the Baby Reds lost to New York Red Bulls II despite having Hamilton, Chapman and Endoh in the lineup…the blue painters’ tape on the ‘Toronto FC’ sign above the players’ tunnel. That was pretty tacky… Seba and Jozy sustaining quad/hamstring injuries. As we all know, these little things can turn into big issues very quickly. Say a prayer, and give alms, to the Footy Gods… speaking of fake idols, as Taylor Swift says, “now we’ve got bad blood”. Just a few minutes prior to the hard foul on Delgado, Marky tackled Ceren, but was not called for it. Shame that the two sides don’t play each other more than once per year… my painters’ tape/tacky pun… Vanney’s Freudian slip during his post-game press conference: “We were sitting on the beach, I mean bench…” Hope the Reds aren’t planning too many surfing trips this week in L.A. The Galaxy are struggling, but are not to be taken lightly.

The Ugly

No Caroline Szwed on ‘After 90 Minutes’. Nothing against Gareth Wheeler or Steven Caldwell, but it just isn’t the same. I think that the two of them blinked a grand total of three times during their eight-minute video… Altidore’s blast to the stratosphere from 19 yards out in the first half… Marco Urena’s hit on Drew Moor. He left his feet, placed his shoulder squarely into Moor’s chin, and followed through. He deserved a red… TSN is now sharing their broadcasts with major U.S. networks. Saturday’s telecast (and commentary) was aired, unabridged, by NBC Sports California. Someone use VV’s phone to call a doctor. It isn’t getting any better. In fact, it’s spreading.