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Jozy Altidore fires back at Trump in tweet

The striker has been outspoken on political issues before.

MLS: MLS Cup-Team Press Conference Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Jozy Altidore is the latest public figure to speak out against President Donald Trump’s alleged remarks earlier this week. Lashing out against the President’s reported comments about “shithole” countries, the Toronto FC striker tweeted a picture of himself, Nashville Predators defenceman P.K. Subban, and runner Usain Bolt.

For those unaware, earlier this week President Trump allegedly described El Salvador, Haiti, and several nations in Africa as “shithole” countries, drawing the ire of politicians, celebrities and athletes around the world.

Altidore isn’t the first TFC player to speak out against the President. Last year, Michael Bradley told media he was “embarrassed” by Trump’s proposed travel ban. Altidore has also spoken out about race relations in the United States before, commenting on the division in his home country last March.

The TFC forward’s parents are Haitian immigrants, and he has been involved in the relief effort after the 2010 earthquake in the country. He’s done plenty of other work there too: in 2016, for example, he worked to ensure the Copa America Centenario was televised in Haiti

Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri (who hails from Nigeria) was the first under the MLSE umbrella to comment on the situation, making his opinion known on Friday.