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Guess the Toronto FC Player!

From the World Travelers to the MLS mainstays we’ve seen em’ all

Campeones Cup 2018: Tigres UANL v Toronto FC Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

I’ve seen quite a few of these on various Twitter soccer handles and thought it might be nice to put a Toronto FC spin onto it. Take a look at some of the past and current players below who play or have played for TFC at some point in their career. See if you can determine who they are based on their work resume, answers will be posted in the comments later. NO CHEATING!

Player One (I’ll give you an easy example to demonstrate how this works):

Answer: Sebastian Giovinco

Got the hang of it? Check out some of the ones below, they’ll get increasingly harder.

Player Two:

Player Three:

Player Four:

Player Five:

Submit your answers in the comments below!